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The 'Spectacled Bear' from Peru

Paddington Bear Celebrated his 50th Anniversary in June 2008, the world famous "Spectacled Bear" who originated in Peru

Paddington Bear

The nations favourite Paddington Bear celebrated his 50th anniversary this year and although he now lives in London, he originally came from ‘Deepest Darkest Peru'. Paddington is a rather special bear, not only for his love of marmalade and his favourite duffel coat, but by being an endangered breed called the “Spectacled Bear”. These bears are most closely associated with high altitude Andean cloud forests ranging from 250 – 4,000 meters above sea level and the lush Amazon found in Peru.

Spectacled Bears have an instinctive urge to climb trees, rocks and cliff-sides to reach the highest and most nutritious foods such as roots, leaves, shoots, berries and insects. A number of conservation projects have been set-up in Peru to protect the endangered species which include rescue centres and re-introducing the bears into their natural habitats. Popular UK actor, Stephen Fry read the Paddington Bear stories when he was a young boy and has since made two documentaries about the Spectacled Bears, Paddington Bear: The Early Years (2001), and Stephen Fry and the Spectacled Bears (2002). These programmes heightened the awareness to protect Paddington's family and now breeding programmes are in progress.

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